Yamaha RXV381 AV Receiver – £149.00 @ Richersounds

A step-up in sound

Soundbars are great but there’s nothing that can beat the sound of a separate AV system. By using a discrete amplifier with low jitter PLL (Phase-Locked Loop), distortion is exceptionally low and background noise very quiet. The amplifier also delivers a handy 70 watts per channel (6 ohms) for totally immersive sound. For an even punchier sound, try the ‘Extra Bass’ function. This gives a deeper, richer bass response and works really well with small speakers and at lower volume levels.

Powerful processing

A further advantage of going the separates route is the inclusion of powerful surround sound processing. In addition to full HD audio decoding of both Dolby and DTS formats, the RXV381 features Yamaha’s famous DSP Surround programs. With 17 modes from The Roxy Theatre to a concert Hall in Munich, the RX-V381 gives a variety of acoustic settings for a unique sound. Added to this, four SCENE selections ensure that you always have the best setting when watching films or listening to music.

Now with full HDCP2.2 compatibility

The latest RXV381 now has HDCP2.2 compatibility through all of its four HDMI inputs. Along with support for HDR and BT.2020, this means the RXV381 is fully equipped for handling the latest UHD Blu-ray players and HDR-equipped 4K TVs.

Stream your music with Bluetooth connectivity

Pair up your smartphone or tablet and you can wirelessly stream music. Playback music stored on your device or stream music services such as Spotify. Thanks to the Compressed Music Enhancer, the sound quality is also enhanced, giving a more spacious and natural sound.

Connect it all – including your USB memory device

With no fewer than four HDMI inputs, the RXV381 is flexible enough for the most complex AV systems. There are also a wide range of other inputs for older sources you may have, like DVD players. Around the front there’s a USB interface that’s ideal for plugging in a memory stick and playing back your stored music.

Easy to use with automatic speaker set-up

With YPAO sound optimisation and colour onscreen display, the Yamaha RXV381 isn’t the daunting prospect to operate that you might expect. YPAO uses the supplied microphone to measure your room’s acoustics and then sets the various parameters to suit. All this is done within just a few minutes and gives professional results at the touch of a button.

Link to the deal : Yamaha RXV381 AV Receiver – £149.00 @ Richersounds 

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