Tildo Sorting and Teaching Clock – £8.99 @ Argos

The Tidlo Sorting & Teaching Clock is the perfect product for your little learners. Featuring a clock with its movable hands, it also has numbers to show 5 to, 10 to, half past etc, so you can teach your child more complex time keeping. The clock has 4 brightly coloured quarters’ and each number has a magnet on the back allowing it to stick to the clock board. The detachable numbers add an extra play value aiding your child’s numeracy skills, shape matching and colour recognition. Dia 23cm.Both hands turn in sequence as a real clock would when pushed round.Attachable stand at the back.Ideal shape matching toy.Magnets hold the numbers in place.Clicks when hand turns.

Link to the deal: Tildo Sorting and Teaching Clock – £8.99 @ Argos

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