Sony PlayStation VR Starter Pack & Game Bundle – £269.99 @ Currys

Experience console gaming like never you’ve never experiences before, and dive into the world of Virtual Reality with this PlayStation VR Starter Pack & Game Bundle.

This bundle includes a PlayStation VR Starter Pack, and GT Sport.  _____________________________

PlayStation VR Starter Pack

The Sony PlayStation VR Starter Pack contains everything you need to dive into VR. VR Worlds provides five different VR experiences, and the VR headset creates them around you.

The large screen in the headset lets you see much of the world at once, with 360° vision making it easy to explore your virtual surroundings.

Kick-start your VR game collection with five unique VR experiences. Come face-to-face with a great white shark, crawl through a decaying space hulk, weave around oncoming traffic, survive a hyper-dangerous futuristic sport, or come back to earth with a gritty London gangster thriller.

Whatever world you want, you can lose yourself in it with PlayStation VR. _____________________________

GT Sport

Drive some of the world’s most desirable cars on some of the best-looking race circuits. With a full line-up of 140 vehicles, you’ll be able to drive both competition and production models. Each one has been digitally recreated, featuring impressive levels of detail. There are also real-world racetracks to tackle, including the legendary “Tokyo Expressway” and the half-mile “Northern Isle Speedway”.

Link to the deal: Sony PlayStation VR Starter Pack & Game Bundle – £269.99 @ Currys

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