Sony Playstation 4 VR White & black 360-degree vision 3D audio – £207.74 @ EBay

Stunning 360-degree games

It’s time to live your games with PlayStation VR. Put on the PS VR headset and literally enter the heart of the action, experiencing every detail around you with stunningly realistic interactivity.

Games made just for PS VR will transport you to other worlds – climb into racing, suspense, action, horror and other exciting genres for a gaming thrill with a real sense of presence.

Works with your PS4 and PlayStation Camera

You’ll need a PlayStation 4 console and PlayStation Camera to use your PS VR headset – simply plug it in and start enjoying virtual worlds, right at home.

Enjoy realistic movement as the PlayStation Camera’s dual lenses and 3D depth sensors precisely track where the headset, PlayStation Move controller and DualShock 4 light bar are, keeping you at the centre of the virtual world.

More than one person can enjoy the action with you – Mirror mode lets you project your virtual reality games right onto your TV, so that friends and family can see what you’re experiencing. A second player can join in via Separate mode, viewing the action on a TV screen.

Crisp Full HD graphics

Everything looks beautiful and tangible on the PlayStation VR’s crisp 5.7″ Full HD OLED screen.

Wherever you turn your head, you’ll be surrounded by a 360-degree game world, making environments and objects feel close and alive. Images move at a smooth 120 fps with ultra-low latency, so your experience is seamless.

3D audio and built-in microphone

Sound is just as important as vision to complete the VR experience. 3D audio shows where sounds are coming from and how far away they are – whether that’s above, below or all around you. Hear the approach of enemies or just get lost in the sounds and music of your games.

An integrated mic lets you speak clearly with other players online so you can play as a team, pulling you deeper into the virtual world.

Link to the deal: Sony Playstation 4 VR White & black 360-degree vision 3D audio – £207.74 @ EBay

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