Sond Audio TV Bluetooth Soundbar – £14.18 @ EBuyer

Sond TV Soundbar

Do you want an easy, plug and play solution to improving the audio from your television? But don’t have the time, resources or inclination to build a home cinema system with full surround sound? You should consider a TV sound bar. You won’t find a better value high performance model than this soundbar from Sond Audio.

What is a TV soundbar?

A soundbar is an amplifying speaker that takes up much less space than a surround sound system, provides crisp audio and is so easy to set up.

The Sond TV Soundbar

This Bluetooth enabled soundbar from Sond produces amazingly intense and powerful, yet well-balanced, audio that will have movies and music exploding from your TV or other compatible device. The simple modernistic design complements the look of contemporary televisions and will look great in anyone’s living room.

Easy to connect

Connecting the Sond soundbar to your TV is very easy and you have three options available to you:

1. Bluetooth. If your TV (or smartphone, laptop etc) has Bluetooth you can pair it to the soundbar in moments. And this soundbar is NFC enabled for one touch connectivity.

2. The plug and play RCA stereo cable included in the box connects the line in socket on the soundbar to the line out sockets on the TV

3. 3.5mm stereo audio cable. This cable is not included in the box but a suitable one can be picked up very cheaply here. Using the audio cable the soundbar can be paired with any device with headphone socket.

Link to the deal: Sond Audio TV Bluetooth Soundbar – £14.18 @ EBuyer

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