SENNHEISER HD700 Over Ear Open Back Headphones – £299.95 @ Richersounds

High technology for ultra low distortion

Producing low distortion isn’t just about eliminating rattle and buzz, it’s ensuring that background levels are so quiet that even the tiniest details come across clearly. With the HD700, Sennheiser has gone to extraordinary levels to achieve this. First off, rather than using pressed steel, the heart of the headphones are made from extremely rigid die-cast zinc with a stainless steel mesh for a chassis that’s highly resistant to vibration. The 40mm drive units use precision membranes for consistent movement and an absolute minimum amount of distortion – giving you the ability to hear every detail, every time.

Wide staging and natural dynamics

The HD700 headphones aren’t just open back designs – they’re wide open for a superb soundstage. The drive units use vented frames to minimise air turbulence and the drivers sit within open ear pieces giving them further room to ‘breathe’. The upshot of this fastidious and expensive-to-engineer design is a holographic soundstage that’s hugely engaging. Such attention to detail also means that the sound quality is always true to the music, whatever its genre.

Supreme comfort

Take a look at the HD700 and you’re likely to be struck by the shape of the ear pads. Rather than being round they’re shaped to resemble the typical outline of our ears. This makes them supremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time and makes you wonder why other headphones aren’t similarly shaped! A deeply padded headband, non-sticky microfiber earpads and swivel adjustable earpieces complete the picture of total comfort.

Link to the deal: SENNHEISER  HD700  Over Ear Open Back Headphones – £299.95 @ Richersounds

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