Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit – £99.99 @ Maplin

Make Your Home Smarter

The Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit is the perfect way to begin your smart home journey. It comes with three smart sensors (motion, presence, multi sensor) and a smart power outlet that allow you to control your electronics while you are away from home. You can also connect smart devices from brands such as Philips Hue, Arlo, LIFX, Ring, Yale and more, and set your sensors to automate the way they work. For example, you can set up your SmartThings Motion Sensor and connected camera to send you an alert when there is any unexpected movement detected.

Connect your Smart Devices

SmartThings works with a wide range of connected devices. This means that devices that wouldn’t normally be directly compatible with each other can work together in a smart way. Set connected lights and switches from Philips Hue, Sylvania Smart Home, and LIFX to turn on and off when you open doors, change brightness at the right moment, and much more. You can set the speaker to play the radio, and the smart bulbs to turn on and slowly increase in brightness at the same time every morning!

Voice Control via Smart Speakers

The Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit can also be connected to a smart voice assistant like the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to allow for voice control and an even more intuitive experience. Use either platform to control the large range of smart devices that can be connected to the SmartThings Hub. It also allows you to automate multiple devices under short routines and activate them via our voice such as Good Morning, Goodbye, Goodnight & more.

Link to the deal: Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit – £99.99 @ Maplin

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