Samsung ecobubble WW90J5456FW/EU 9 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine – £359.10 @ Currys

Clean clothes more efficiently with ecobubble

Samsung’s ecobubble technology creates bubbles of detergent, water and air that give your clothes a really deep clean. The ecobubbles work fast, which means you can put a wash on at a lower temperature, saving energy and keeping clothes in great condition.

Bubblesoak can be added to any of your programs, letting the ecobubbles attack tough stains on cottons, synthetics and baby clothes.

Wide range of wash settings

A wide range of wash settings have all your washing needs covered – from baby care to denim. There’s a handy 15 minute quick wash for when you need that special garment washed fast.

Stay Clean Drawer

With a Stay Clean Drawer your days of wasted detergent and having to clean out the drawer are over. Clothes receive a very thorough wash thanks to a more efficient transfer of detergent to the drum. Any residual detergent is blasted away by powerful jets of water.

Problem solving with Smart Check

Smart Check automatic error-monitoring system finds any problems with your washing machine and sends you troubleshooting options direct via a smartphone app. So no need to go leafing through the manual or calling an engineer.


Link to the deal: Samsung ecobubble WW90J5456FW/EU 9 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine – £359.10 @ Currys

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