Russell Hobbs RHCF103, Chest Freezer – £119 @ Tesco

Easily store and access all your frozen foods with the convenient and spacious Russell Hobbs RHCF103 chest freezer in white. The large size of the chest freezer allows for storage of all your batch-cooked meals, groceries and anything else you need. It also delivers excellent performance and reliability, with a four-star freezer rating, and its counter-balance lid with external handle means the freezer can be opened and closed safely.

Easy-to-manage single storage space

With a single large 98L chest freezer capacity, this Russell Hobbs chest freezer is easy to organise, as you can simply stack your food. One additional wire basket is convenient for storing smaller items and your most frequently used frozen goods within easy reach. The counter-balanced lid stays partially open for easy loading and prevents accidental slamming.

Full temperature control

Simply designed for ease of use, this Russell Hobbs chest freezer incorporates a manual thermostat. The temperature is easily adjustable for full control to suit your preferences.

Energy efficiency

With such a spacious and impressive size, the Russell Hobbs RHCF103 chest freezer still boasts a top-level A+ energy-efficiency rating. This makes it 10% more efficient than A rated appliances, meaning it is an environmentally friendly choice and also can reduce your energy bills, with a consumption of just 191kWh per year.

Link to the deal: Russell Hobbs RHCF103, Chest Freezer – £119 @ Tesco

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