Q Acoustics MEDIA 4 – £199 @ Richersounds

Using twin 65mm BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) drive units, the Media 4 gives pinpoint accuracy and is bursting with detail right up to high volume levels. BMR technology combines the advantages of both flat panel and conventional speakers, so that the M4 is truly dynamic and won’t turn harsh when the music or film action gets intense. Another advantage of BMR speakers is the superb spatial imaging – compared with conventional drive units, they provide a broad and spacious sound that comes right out ‘into’ the room.

Built-in subwoofer

Rather than using a separate subwoofer, the M4 has the subwoofer in the main casing. This makes for a neater overall package and less wiring. Using a dedicated 150mm x 120mm drive unit, plus its own 50W amplifier, the M4 has little trouble in reproducing deep, powerful movie soundtracks.

NFC and Bluetooth for music streaming

Using NFC or Bluetooth technology, you can connect up just about any smartphone, tablet or newer laptop, Mac or PC and stream your music. With compatible NFC devices, simply hold the unit next to the top of the soundbar and you’re good to stream. With Bluetooth you pair your device with the soundbar. Once done, you’ll be able to stream music from your stored library or from streaming music services such as Spotify or Last.fm.

Complete with wall bracket

Coming with both detachable feet and a wall bracket, you can choose how to place your M4 soundbar. Once positioned, connection is easy, too. Choose between an optical digital lead (ideal for most TVs), or RCA phono or 3.5mm analogue inputs.

Link to the deal: Q Acoustics MEDIA 4 – £199 @ Richersounds

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