Philips Hue White Ambiance Starter Kit – £79.97 @ Currys

Automate your lights for every situation

Pick between energising daylight and warm white light, as well as 16 million colour options in the Hue app. Switch to any colour in seconds and change the ambience of the room for any occasions. Whether you need bright light to focus on work or darker tones for watching a film, the Hue E27 Bulbs are perfect for letting you set the scene. Choose the ‘Relax’ setting for a soothing glow that lets you wind down after a hectic day, or match a colour to your mood for any day.

The Dimmer Switch included in the Starter Kit adds additional functionality, allowing you to dim and control your lights without any wiring needed. The dimmer mounts in moments to the wall, and can even be taken out of the mount and used as a remote control.

Wireless connections

Linking up to 50 bulbs to your smartphone or tablet, the Hue Bridge is the central hub that connects everything together wirelessly. Working on the ZigBee network, the Hue Starter Kit ensures a safe and reliable connection for the lights, which also allows for software and firmware updates.

Gradually change your lights over time for a natural wake up call, gradual shift into the evening or bright welcome home. The lights can be set to come on and off gradually at pre-set times, so you can choose to be woken up by warm light slowly turning on, for a more natural feel as you wake up.

Remote controls

Control your lights remotely no matter where you are. Check if every light is switched off when you’re not home, switch them on to give the impression that someone is home while you’re away or programme your lights to turn on just before you arrive.

Access your lights through a web browser and control them no matter where you are, with only an internet connection required. Expand your smart home as and when you choose, with a variety of dimmers and bulbs that can be added to create a larger setup.

Link to the deal: Philips Hue White Ambiance Starter Kit – £79.97 @ Currys

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