Philips BT110 Wireless Portable Speaker – £14.99 @ Robertdyas

The Philips BT110 Wireless Portable Speaker is a compact and has all the acoustic essentials that normally comes only with a big speaker. That’s why it sounds clear and loud with surprising good bass. It’s also splash proof and has a strap for easy portability.

Anti-Clipping lets you play music louder and keeps the quality high, even when the battery is low. It accepts a range of input signals from 00 mV to 1000 mV and keeps your speakers safe from damage by distortion.

Water-resistant design allows enjoyment in wet and rainy environments. The internal components are proven to be protected from exposure to the elements, allowing for music enjoyment indoors in the bathroom, kitchen or even outdoors whatever the weather.

Play music out loud – anytime, anywhere. The built-in rechargeable battery lets you enjoy your personal music without the fuss of tangled power cords and the inconvenient search for an electrical socket. Enjoy great music with the freedom of portability now.

Features and Benefits

  • Bluetooth – wireless music streaming.
  • Anti-clipping function – for loud, distortion-free music.
  • Splash-proof design – ideal for outdoor use.
  • Portable – carry it anywhere with the by-packed finely knitted strap.
  • Built-in microphone – for hands-free phone calls.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery – for 8 hours of music playback anywhere.

Link to the deal: Philips BT110 Wireless Portable Speaker – £14.99 @ Robertdyas

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