Philips 55POS9002 OLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart Android TV, 55″ with Freeview – £1,299 @ JohnLewis

Marvel at the beautifully rich picture and sensational colours of Philips’ POS9002. 4K UHD resolution and OLED screen technology deliver an incredibly lifelike image with a stunning array of vibrancy and contrast. The brand’s P5 Perfect Picture Engine algorithms combine with HDR for the deepest blacks, brightest whites and an astonishing level of detail. The super-smart Android platform opens up a wealth of additional online features, while DTS HD Premium sound ensures wonderfully rich and immersive audio. Its Ambilight 3 Sided system extends the colour out into your living room by emitting a warm, vivid and changing glow onto the surroundings. Completed with razor-slim design, this is a super-sleek television with a breathtaking picture, and a sensational colour experience.

OLED Screen

At the forefront of modern audio-visual technology, the Organic LED display has broken new ground in picture detail. Unlike regular LED screens, this doesn’t have a backlight, meaning that each pixel is self-illuminating. This allows every speck of light to control its own luminescence for true depth and colour gradation. So, you’ll experience blacker blacks, whiter whites, and a more lustrous display.

4K UHD Picture

To respond to screens getting bigger, brands have packed their screens with more pixels. This 55″ inch screen has four times the number of pixels than 1080p HD TVs, delivering stunning realism, natural motion and incredible detail. Experience this high-spec picture across a range of broadcasts, movies, sports and more thanks to 4K upscaling. Upscaling is a process through which a lower resolution signal or data source is displayed at a higher resolution. The upscaling process interpolates additional pixels from the source data, and produces a clearer picture on your 4K screen than a non-upscaled image.

P5 Perfect Picture Engine

Philips’ proprietary picture engine optimises everything you watch with state-of-the-art algorithm technology. It ensures a stunning depth of detail and definition that consistently makes all genres of TV content look as good as possible.

Glorious HDR

Armed with High Dynamic Range Perfect, the POS9002 brings a new level of HDR contrast and colour to everything you watch. Deepening your view and showing shades you’ve never seen in home entertainment before, it reaches previously uncharted levels of vividness for a stunningly realistic picture. Usually, studios are forced to dilute the colour of their shows and films to fit on our TVs. Now, HDR screens like the POS9002 can channel content from studio-to-living room with the same precision and utterly otherworldly hues.

Super-Smart Android

Your Smart TV has just got smarter with Android. Developed by Google, you’ll be able to enjoy seamless entertainment, intelligent search and catch-up services BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon Prime. With the Google Play store and Philips app gallery, you can go beyond traditional TV, with a wealth of available films, TV, apps and games, and they can be stored on 16GB of internal memory.* Please note: ITV Hub, All 4 and Demand 5 catch-up services are not available on this television.

Freeview HD

Get some of the UK’s favourite TV channels in high definition, subscription free. Channels include BBC One HD, BBC Two HD, ITV HD, Channel 4 HD as well as BBC Four HD, BBC News HD, CBeebies HD & CBBC HD for free. You can also access up to 60 standard definition Freeview digital TV channels and 25 radio stations.

Ambilight 3 Sided

Philips’ unique Ambilight technology makes the viewing experience more immersive, by emitting a wide glow from three sides of the TV onto surrounding walls. Coloured light extends beyond the screen to add an extra ambiance of varying colour, vibrancy and excitement to your living room.

DTS HD Premium Sound

Driving the superb audio delivery of this TV’s speakers is Philips’ DTS HD Premium sound. It delivers rich, immersive, surround sound for powerful bass and crisp dialogue, with no clipping or distortion.

Link to the deal: Philips 55POS9002 OLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart Android TV, 55″ with Freeview – £1,299 @ JohnLewis

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