Nutribullet 600 Graphite – £34 @ Tesco

The NutriBullet 600 Series 8-piece juicer blender breaks down the toughest of nuts, seeds, ice, fruit and veg for the ultimate health kick. A powerful 600W motor with cutting-edge cyclonic technology extracts only the healthiest nutrients from your selected ingredients.

NutriBullet 600 juicer blender

Extract the most nutrition from your fruit, veg and seeds with the NutriBullet 600 Series juicer blender. Enjoy a smoother drink with this juicer blender’s nutrition-extraction technology, breaking ingredients down into a pulp-free, deliciously smooth juice. Use your NutriBullet as a smoothie blender to crush ice, burst open seeds, crack through stems and shred tough fruit skins to access normally unused nutritious goodness from your chosen ingredients.

Thanks to its compact size, the NutriBullet is easily stored away or on top of kitchen counters.

600W motor with cyclonic technology

The NutriBullet juicer blender comes with a powerful 600W motor and cyclonic action, forcing ingredients down through turbo extractor blades at an impressive 20,000rpm to best extract the nutrients from stems, seeds and skins.

Varying cup sizes

Enjoy a nutritious smoothie or juice in your choice of the NutriBullet’s varying handled cup sizes. Select the NutriBullet’s tall 680ml cup to enjoy longer fresh drinks. A small 511ml cups is ideal for sharing or saving some of your healthy blended drink for later; it also comes with a stay-fresh lid to best enjoy your drink.

Added accessories

The NutriBullet 600 Series 8-piece juicer blender comes complete with a high torque power base, 1x extractor blade, 1x tall cup (680ml), 1x short cup (511ml), 1x handled comfort lip ring, 1x stay-fresh lid, a user manual with recipes and a Pocket Nutritionist.


Link to the deal: Nutribullet 600 Graphite – £34 @ Tesco

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