Neff B44S32N5GB Slide & Hide Electric Oven – £404.10 @ Currys

Cook with confidence using the stainless steel Neff B44S32N5GB Slide & Hide Electric Oven. Choose from three oven functions and a full-width variable grill to create stunning meals, with an LED programmable timer to help you.

Slide & Hide

The B44S32N5GB boasts a Slide & Hide oven door with an ergonomically designed revolution handle. Unique to Neff, this door simply slides fully underneath the cavity when you open the oven door. Not only does it let you easily access the meal you’re cooking, but also makes a great focal point in your kitchen. The steel handle turns as the door opens, making it easy to close the door and keeping your oven looking smart.

You can monitor the progress of your cooking without having to worry about catching your hands or arms on the door or taking up space in your kitchen.

CircoTherm technology

With CircoTherm Fan technology, it is possible to cook a three course meal in one go without the intermingling of flavours.

By using a powerful fan that heats all four cooking levels evenly, you can seal the food quickly to preserve moisture and flavour, no matter what other items you are cooking simultaneously.

Easy cleaning

Keeping your oven clean is easier thanks to the combination of the catalytic liner and easy-clean enamel surfaces. The catalytic liner traps and breaks down grease and dirt in your oven, whilst the Titan Enamel makes it simple to clean your oven.

With a smart Slide & Hide door, the Neff B44S32N5GB Slide & Hide Electric Oven is an ideal choice for your kitchen.

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Link to the deal: Neff B44S32N5GB Slide & Hide Electric Oven –  £404.10 @ Currys

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