Morphy Richards 480001 Health Fryer, 3 L – £59 @ Amazon

The Morphy Richards Health Fryer requires a substantially smaller amount of oil than a conventional fryer, making it a healthy option to fry, bake, roast and grill a variety of great tasting foods for the family.

Meal times have never been less hassle, as the product has a large 3 L capacity, it’s possible to make enough food for the entire family in one go. It also has a defrost option, so that frozen food can be cooked straight away.

Inexperienced cooks and pro chefs alike can make healthy and delicious meals with the Health Fryer’s eight pre-programmed functions. The user just needs to put their food into the fryer, select the preferred option and let the product do all the hard work, as it pre-sets the correct time and temperature for each task.

Note: Once you check the price you’ll see it actually cost £64. No worries, the price didn’t went up. You just have to read and follow this short guide how to get free £5 Amazon voucher Or pay the full price if you’ve already used this trick.

Link to the deal: Morphy Richards 480001 Health Fryer, 3 L – £59 @ Amazon

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