Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset – £72.99 @ Currys

Directional audio

Are you serious about gaming? Then check out the Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset. It’s been designed with the help of the world’s best professional gamers.

It may even help you win more in your favourite online games. That’s because it has directional audio that lets you hear every little sound, even the faintest enemy footsteps creeping up behind you. Its bass has a bit of a kick, too. These headphones bring every soundtrack to life.

Noise isolation reduces outside distractions

Play in peace, free from distraction. The G PRO uses premium leatherette earpads that create a seal around your ear. With the help of soft foam padding, it reduces the sounds of outside noise. That way you can concentrate solely on your game.

Clearer voice chat

There’s nothing worse than playing online with your friends, and not being able to hear them on the voice chat. That’s why the G PRO Gaming Headset has a pro-grade microphone with high sensitivity, and improved clarity. Every command comes out loud and clear.

Light, durable and comfortable

These headphones feel so light and comfortable on your head, you’ll probably forget you’re wearing them. They’re also built to last – stainless steel sliders give them an extra feeling of durability.

Link to the deal: Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset – £72.99 @ Currys

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