Lenovo Tab 4 Plus 10″ Tablet with Tab 4 Smart Assistant Voice Controlled Speaker Bundle – £149.99 @ Currys

Enjoy a great visual experience with the Lenovo Tab 4 Plus 10″. The bright Full HD display makes watching TV shows and movies a joy when you’re on the go, as well as giving life to your photos.

The Tab 4 Plus comes with two front facing speakers equipped with powerful Dolby Atmos sound, adding to the immersive, cinematic feel the tablet produces when watching movies.

The Tab 4 Plus is designed with families in mind – each person can have their own password to access their individual account, with preferred settings and personal social media accounts. With the ability to expand memory up to 128 GB, there’s plenty of space for your family to store all their apps, albums, films and images.

Weighing under 500 g and at under 1 cm thick, the Tab 4 Plus can be enjoyed by users of all ages. Shielded both on the front and back with dual layers of protective glass, it’s protected from scratches and bumps, which keeps your tablet looking great.

Lenovo Tab 4 Smart Assistant Voice Controlled Speaker Bundle

Get all the benefits of your own assistant direct from your tablet with the Lenovo Tab 4 Smart Assistant Voice Controlled Speaker.

Whether you want to check your commute time, a heads up on the weather tomorrow, or you want a live update on the football scores – all you need to do is ask. The Tab 4’s Home Assistant Pack will turn your tablet into an extension of Alexa, but with the added benefit of a screen. Just slide your Tab 4 into the Home Assistant Speaker and your screen will switch automatically to the Home Assistant interface.

With 2 microphones included, the Tab 4 Speaker has a voice detection radius of 3 m, so you can ask it to turn the coffee machine on, or start playing your morning motivation playlist without having to leave your bed. With the app, you can give commands even if you’re out of the 3m radius, so you can use the Tab 4’s screen to display your calendar, a timer, a traffic upadate and much more.

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