How to get £25 Amazon voucher for less than £20 AKA Get 20% off Amazon shop

Amazon 20% Off voucher

Right, let’s say you’ve found an incredible deal on and are about to pay. What if you can have your (let’s say) £25 basket full of great things from Amazon even cheaper?

How to get 20% off Amazon.

All you have to do is to register with Zeek. Zeek is an online marketplace for vouchers and gift cards. Yes, you can buy or sell unwanted gift cards and shop vouchers. Find top brands like Amazon, Debenhams, Topshop, Mango, Argos, Primark, many of restaurants and many, many more. Plus, Zeek’s vouchers are already discounted so you will receive even more for your money!

Amazon 20% Off voucher

Amazon 20% Off voucher


As you can see on the screen-shot, you can buy £25 Amazon voucher for £24.80. I know, that’s nowhere near 20% off. Right, to get “20% off we would have to buy the voucher for £20. And you can! All you have to do is register to Zeek using this link. You’ll get £5 promo and you can use it straight away with your purchase.

Click on the link and register with Zeek.

You can even use an Android or iOS app. Both works great and I personally do prefer the app instead of using the website. Once registered, check your account details, make sure you entered your details including the phone number. Confirm the phone number if necessary and head to the “Redeem promo” tab and enter the code: 227AE8
Congratulations! You have your £5.
Head to the search and type Amazon in it. Locate the £25 gift-card and purchase it using the £5 promo and pay the rest (£19.80 in this case) by Paypal. You’ll get the voucher immediately if it’s electronic or in couple of days (posted usually by First class recorded) if it’s physical one. All electronic vouchers and stored in the “My vouchers” tab.

Once you have the Amazon voucher, check the latest Amazon deals to get even a better deal for your money.