Farpoint + Aim Controller – PS4 – £42 @ Tesco

Playing as a space shuttle pilot, you are on a routine mission to pick up scientists from The Pilgrim – a space station built to study the Anomaly, a wave of incredible energy flowing into our universe from an unknown source.

Your mission takes an unexpected and catastrophic twist when the Anomaly suddenly ruptures, pulling your shuttle and The Pilgrim into it.

Crash landed and marooned on an alien world, you set off to explore the planet, armed only with the escape pod’s emergency weapon. Your goal is to find out the fate of the crew of The Pilgim, uncover the mystery of the Anomaly, and, most importantly, to survive.


  • Age Rating: 16+
  • Format: PS4 Virtual Reality
  • Genre: Action
  • Format: PS4 Virtual Reality

Link to the deal: Farpoint + Aim Controller – PS4 – £42 @ Tesco

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