Essentials CWC15B14 Wine Cooler – £29.97 @ Currys

This Essentials CWC15B14 Wine Cooler in black is a compact and useful way to keep your wine stored at the perfect temperature.

Simple and versatile design

Thanks to an uncomplicated interior design, you can store up to fifteen 750 cl bottles of wine in this 46 litre Essentials wine cooler, plenty for entertaining or your own enjoyment.

With a 5-20°C temperature range, it can be set to store white wine, rosé and red wine at the optimum temperature:  generally 7 to 10°C for white wine, 10 to 18°C for red wine, 6 to 11°C for champagne, and 7 to 13°C for rosé.

Easy to use and looks great

Use the external rear controls to get your Essentials CWC15B14 Wine Cabinet to the right temperature and humidity levels for the wine you want to store. It features a reversible door hinge, so can be configured easily with a variety of room layouts.

Its full glass door features anti-UV treatment, protecting your precious bottles from the detrimental effects of exposure to sunlight. A chic black wooden design makes the appliance a smart addition to your home that will certainly bring a stylish note to the room it’s installed in.

Give your home a modern touch and keep your wine in great condition with the Essentials CWC15B14 Wine Cabinet in black.

Link to the deal: Essentials CWC15B14 Wine Cooler – £29.97 @ Currys

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