Element Gaming Palladium – Aluminium Gaming Keyboard – £19.96 @ Ebuyer

This heavyweight membrane keyboard from Element Gaming sets the standard for other boards to follow.  Fast responsive keys, anti-ghosting technology, and brilliant LED lighting make the Palladium an ideal board to complete any gamer’s rig.


  • 19 anti-ghost keys, for accurate gaming
  • 7 colour back lit keys, brightness & colour adjustable
  • Solid aircraft grade Aluminium
  • Multi-function FN key combinations


Designed to win

This super-stylish board features bright white keys suspended above a heavy, brushed metal chassis. The weight of the chassis anchors the keyboard to the table top providing a stable platform which won’t move even during the most frenzied of battles.

The key to success

The high-quality build of the board is typified with the double injection caps on the keys. Fast and responsive they will give you a critical edge over your opponents. An advantage that will be enhanced with the 19 gaming grade anti-ghosting keys and the clever ergonomic layout designed to reduce fatigue during extended gaming sessions.

Lighting the way

We all like a bit of bling and the LED lighting on the Palladium is not only invaluable when gaming but simply looks the business; even when you are just typing. There are seven different colours and the lighting can be set to one colour or to pulse between all seven. Changing the colour and brightness is easy with the function keys.


Buy now at an amazing price

This high-specification board is terrific value for money.  Element have cornered the market in producing premium gaming peripherals at prices that all gamers can afford.

Link to the deal: Element Gaming Palladium – Aluminium Gaming Keyboard – £19.96 @ Ebuyer

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