Denon SYS-2020 5.1 Speaker system – £149 @ SuperFi

Enjoy great value and a unique style in this compact 5.1 surround sound speaker system from Denon. Featuring powerful Denon sound, the SYS-2020’s wall-mountable satellite speakers provide the perfect combination of style and substance for your living room. Including a powerful 100-Watt (RMS) downward firing subwoofer, the Denon SYS-2020 is small enough to hide in plain sight, yet powerful enough to give you that full immersive, room-filling sound as you enjoy your favourite television and films. For an out-of-the-box solution perfect for those just venturing into home cinema, the Denon SYS-2020 also includes all of the cables you will need to connect to your AV receiver. Set up the satellites in a place that suits you and your home with 30 metres of speaker cable, and use the 3 metre RCA cable to place the subwoofer wherever you want. The Denon SYS-2020 really is all you could want in a simple to use and flexible 5.1 speaker system that looks good.

Link to the deal: Denon SYS-2020 5.1 Speaker system – £149 @ SuperFi

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