Dell 24 Gaming Monitor – £364.38 @ Dell


Undistorted graphics

No matter how fast you’re moving, you’ll be able to see gameplay with crisp clarity thanks to the fastest refresh rate (165 Hz) and NVIDIA® G-Sync™*. No screen tearing, no stuttering and no ghost images means there is nothing to get in the way of your performance.

Responsive and on-point

There’s no place for lag in a boss fight. Experience swift and real-time gameplay with a rapid, 1-millisecond panel response time.

Double the pixels. Enhance your experience.

Picture every detail in stunning clarity with QHD (2560×1440) resolution. A stellar 3.68 million pixels – nearly twice as many as Full HD – means that you see the game as developers intended.

The ultra-thin bezel lets you enjoy a seamless dual or multi-monitor set-up for your battle station. And with the power to customise your settings or delve into 3D, you get an ultimate, tailor-made gaming experience.

Get gaming faster: Preset modes for RPG, FPS or RTS let you find the optimal visual setting and customise with a click. Plus, with such an easy set-up, you can spend more time gaming and less time reconfiguring your settings.

Immerse yourself like never before: Enter a new dimension of realism in 3D games with optional NVIDIA® 3D glasses

Link to the deal: Dell 24 Gaming Monitor – £364.38 @ Dell

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