Binatone DC200 HD Dash Camera – £23.99 @ Argos

This Binatone DC200 HD Dash Camera has a small compact design helping you to feel at ease on the roads without even noticing your Dash Cam is recording. It has a 2.4 screen meaning you can watch back footage on the device itself without uploading it to your computer, 720P HD recording definition, 120 degree viewing angle and motion detection, meaning the device will turn itself off if it does not detect motion. This product comes with a mount to fit it to your car. A memory card is not included.This camera will continuously record the footage on a loop so you do not need to keep emptying the memory card, however if you do need to use the footage, remove the memory card after the event and it will remain on the card. 32GB memory cards should give around 4 hours recording time (this varies between models). So why would you buy a Dash Cam? Dash cams are increasingly being used and accepted by Police and Insurance companies as proof of what happened in an accident. If you are unfortunate enough to be caught up in this type of an event a Dash Cam could save you both time and money in making your claim. Several insurance companies are also now offering customer’s discounts if they drive with a dash cam. So in the long run, investing in a Dash Cam could save you hundreds of pounds.

  • 2.4 inch .

General information:

  • Windscreen suction mount.
  • Size H7.21, W6.27, D3.06cm.

Link to the deal: Binatone DC200 HD Dash Camera – £23.99 @ Argos

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