Asus G11CD Gaming PC – £499.97 @ Currys

Fast processing

From demanding software to huge MMOs, the Asus G11CD is capable of handling loads of games as well as high-end media creation. The Intel® Core™ i5 processor is supported by 8 GB of memory so that you can multi-task and open multiple tabs without compromising on speed.

Great quality graphics

Designed for demanding games, the high performance GeForce GTX 970 graphics card delivers an exceptional experience with striking imagery. Able to play almost any game, the GTX 970 can withstand the highest settings without dropping a frame.

To ensure you can keep playing no matter what, the chassis of the G11 features eight air vents to heighten heat dissipation and keep the graphics card cool even in the heat of battle.

Software for recording gameplay

Using the Aegis II software you can record gameplay with a single keystroke, take screenshots of your favourite moments and easily edit your footage to share on social media.

Monitor your system, adjust your preferences and customise the case lighting using the exclusive Aegis application. The LEDs can display over eight million colours with varying effects including pulse, so you can personalise the PC to suit you.

Link to the deal: Asus G11CD Gaming PC – £499.97 @ Currys

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