Get ready to immerse yourself in a whole new world with the Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset and controller bundle.

Windows Mixed Reality is a phenomenally exciting new experience combining the thrill of the virtual world with the physical world, so you actually feel like you’re inside a new dimension.

With the Acer Windows Mixed Reality bundle you experience a greater sense of immersion, freedom to roam and access to over 20,000 universal Windows Apps, where the adventures you can experience are vast.

Ever dreamt of exploring the beauty of historic Rome or visiting the wonderful enigma that is Machu Picchu? That is made possible through the HoloTour app. You can even travel further afield to out of space with Galaxy Explorer.

Get dropped in the thick of the action with enthralling Virtual Reality games such as Obduction, Minecraft and Zombie Apocalypse, and not forgetting the many more titles available via the Steam* platform. Just remember to look behind you!

Face your fears and skydive with GoPro VR, and other mind-blowing 360 degree immersive videos. Or, sit back, relax and watch a blockbuster movie or your favourite boxset in your own big screen virtual cinema experience.

However, the Acer Windows Mixed Reality is not only for play, as you can be more productive with access to Microsoft Outlook and Edge Browser for example. That’s right; you can access your emails in a virtual world.

Setup is quick and straightforward as you plug and go. Simply plug in the device to a compatible Windows laptop or desktop, track your physical environment and complete setup within minutes. ** Freedom of inside-out tracking means there is no need to install any other physical equipment and you can easily move between locations, whether you are using it in the lounge, bedroom, a friend’s house or at work.

The Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset is designed for comfort, so you can concentrate on what’s going on in the virtual world. The padded head mount is lightweight, has easy-to-use adjustable straps and comes with a flip visor so it’s simple to switch from the real and virtual worlds.


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